Constant Field Values



  • de.sprax2013.betterchairs.ChairNMS 
    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    public static final int REGENERATION_EFFECT_DURATION 60
  • de.sprax2013.betterchairs.Messages 
    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    public static final String ERR_ANOTHER_PLUGIN_PREVENTING_SPAWN "Looks like another plugin is preventing BetterChairs from spawning chairs"
    public static final String ERR_ASYNC_API_CALL "Async API call"
    public static final String ERR_NOT_CUSTOM_ARMOR_STAND "The provided ArmorStand is not an instance of \'%s\'"
  • de.sprax2013.betterchairs.Settings 
    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    protected static final int CURR_VERSION 1
    protected static final String HEADER "BetterChairs Remastered\n\nSupport:\nUpdates and Information:\nStatistics:\nInformation for developers:"